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Department of food, aromatic and medicinal plants


Department of food, aromatic and medicinal plants


Jeļena Koļesnikova, m. 26843484, jelena.kolesnikova@nbd.gov.lv

Research directions

Introduction and breeding of the new, less spread in Latvia fruit plants. Economic and biological evaluation for introduced and bred in the National Botanic Garden cultivars of blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries and honeysuckles cultivars and hybrids.

Collections in charge, short description

Collection of fruit trees and berry bushes: 40 cultivars and more as 20 hybrids of blueberries; 22 cultivars and 41 hybrid of cranberries; 40 taxa edible honeysuckles; 20 taxa elders, Actinidia colomicta, A.arguta -  25 taxa, rowan trees – 35 taxa, hazels – 34 taxa; lingonberries cultivars and seedlings – 12 taxa; hop cultivars – 10, sandthorns – 24; black currants – 55 cultivars; grapes - 12; white and rec currants – 18 cultivars; expositions: medicinal plants – 207 taxa; technical plants – 204 taxa; fourage plants – 100 taxa. 

Research projects


Other information

According to contract with the Latvian Rural Support Service Nr. NPS 180413/ov602582, the genefound of cultivars of American cranberries, high blueberries, lingonberries a.o. food plant cultivars bred in NBG is kept.